The Year Ahead

Reducing our impact in 2020


In pursuit of our Social and Environmental Sustainability goals in 2020, ZIMMERMANN is committed to prioritising sustainable practices across all operational aspects of our business.

Our global team are continuously working on, and have progressed numerous initiatives, that fall under each of our Corporate Social Responsibility pillars; Craftsmanship & Durability, CSR Governance and Environmental Protection and Eco-Efficiency. In undertaking modern and responsible sustainability actions and reducing our impact, we are driving forward the below and many other initiatives in 2020:

• We are revising our packaging to incorporate recycled materials and to ensure the level of paper and plastic dedicated to retail and online packaging is both luxurious and environmentally considered

• Similarly, we are investigating alternatives to replace current plastics with recycled or recyclable options in our B2B operations

• We’re looking to introduce eco-innovations across every stage of the business - including events, starting with our New York Fashion Week show next month

• To lessen our global waste, we are exploring ways to repurpose surplus fabrics for future collections

• We are investing in our teams and suppliers; CSR training will be provided for suppliers, internal staff and retail teams in efforts to build an inherently sustainable team culture

• Most importantly, compliance documentation and requirements are being actively prepared to match the legislation of the Australian Modern Slavery Act

As the year progresses, we look forward to providing further updates on these initiatives and others while continuously improving all areas of ZIMMERMANN as a sustainable fashion house.