Explore the works of Rupert Bunny throughout Fall 2023


“For fall I was inspired by the artwork of Rupert Bunny, an Australian artist from the turn of the last century. I was drawn to his use of colour and the romanticism of his work - the gentle and dreamy lifestyle scenes. There is a glow, warmth and optimism to his work that is really appealing to me. I was given the opportunity to work with a selection of his paintings by the National Victorian Gallery and we have crafted these into some of our key collection prints. Bunny’s works have also influenced the mood of the collection more generally” 

Creative Director, Nicky Zimmermann

Rupert Bunny’s idyllic scenes play out across floating skirts and draped dresses, with the essence carried throughout the collection. Romantic silouettes and rich textures come to life amoungst some of Rupert's key works. We would like to thank the National Gallery of Victoria for giving us the opportunity to incorporate Rupert Bunny's works into this collection.