Lake Como

Fun in the sun on Italy’s most beautiful lake

A balcony lined with flowering plants overlooks the terraced buildings that fill the shoreline of Lake Como
A black and white image taken from a boat anchored on the lake, highlighting the tall trees, dense shrubbery and classic Italian buildings ahead.
Where to Eat in Lake Como: Il Sereno - For modern Italian; Ristorante Vapore - Fresh local seafood; Il Gato Nero - A trattoria with incredible views
Lake Como, Italy 2019
A boat is docked on a small jetty next to a concrete stairway that descends into the lake. Greenery and pastel buildings surround the water.
Nicky Zimmermann admiring the buildings along the Lake Como shoreline from a boat on the water. She wears the Suraya Shirred Chevron Dress, a white straw hat and tortoise shell sunglasses.
As the evening rolls in, the sun tucks itself behind a distant mountain and the vibrant orange hues reflect off Lake Como, creating a silhouette of the landscape.
Where to Stay in Lake Como: Villa D’este - Luxury villas and hotel with lake views; Grand Hotel Tremezzo - For the panoramic views of the lake
The bow of a small boat faces a setting sun, and the still water soaks up the last of the day’s light. The sunset illuminates both the sky and water in vibrant yellows and oranges.
The view of a nearby mountain and surrounding blue lake from the hotel garden, which is dotted with potted palm trees and Mediterranean flowers.
The Lake Como shoreline is only slightly disturbed by old pastel buildings with terracotta roofs, perfectly matured cypress trees and occasional docks harboring private boats.
Where to Explore in Lake Como: A Day On The Lake - Hire a boat, the best way to see the lake; Bellagio - Spend a day exploring the streets of Bellagio; Varenna - A charming town on the eastern shore