Kastellorizo, Greece 2019
A single boat sits in the still water as the sun sets behind a mountain and projects orange light across the sky and sea
A two story, peach neoclassical building with white trims around the doors and windows, and small pastel blue balconies
The inside of the Blue Grotto Cave is lit up by a small hole in the rock, illuminating the deep blue water and the silhouette of a floating person
A small fishing boat is docked on the coastline in front of pastel coloured neoclassical houses
Crystal clear water and colourful buildings along the coastline
A tiled balcony with sun loungers and umbrellas overlooking the sun kissed water of Kastellorizo
A plate of octopus tentacles and lemon is offered for a simple Greek lunch
The sun shines over the tranquil waters and coastline of Kastellorizo
A black and white image of Saint George Beach Club displays wooden tables and chairs underneath a large straw roof next to the ocean
Where to Eat in Kastellorizo: Lazarakis - For the freshest seafood; The Olive Garden - For the atmosphere; Alexandra Restaurant - A local favourite
Freshly caught fish in an icebox below a poster advertising fresh octopus, fish and crustaceans on the streets of Kastellorizo
An ascending stone staircase lined with vibrant pink bougainvillea bushes
A black and white image of a Neoclassical Greek home with arched doorways and rectangle windows
Where to Swim in Kastellorizo: Blue Grotto Cave - A must-see on the island; Agios Georgios - Take a water taxi & spend the day; Saint George Beach - For the stunning turquoise water
A large sea turtle is being hand fed in shallow, turquoise waters surrounded by a school of small black fish
Alexandra Restaurant is a pastel yellow building with stone floors and white outdoor table seating
A small speedboat is anchored on tranquil waters as the sun sets behind the mountains
An old building with arched doorways and windows on the first level, and rectangle on the second, secured by neoclassical wrought iron
A black and white image of a round buoy hanging off a stone wall at Megisti Hotel that reads “Megisti Hotel Kastellorizo”
The view of houses and fauna along Kastellorizo Harbour from atop a mountain
Children enjoying the sunshine and cliff diving into the deep blue ocean
From an old stone staircase on the side of a mountain, enjoy the coastal scenery that encapsulates the calmness and beauty of the seaside town
A pastel yellow building with contrast paneling houses Lazarakis Restaurant by the water
A plate of Greek salad consists of thick cut feta, cucumber, olives and other traditional ingredients
Where to Stay in Kastellorizo: Mediterranekao - Relaxed atmosphere, warm hospitality
A view of the Megisti Hotel from the harbor. The long white building sits at the base of a mountain and offers sun loungers and umbrellas along the shoreline