Capri Italy

A breathtaking island off the Italian coastline with beauty everywhere you look.

An ombre blue sea is surrounded by high cliffs, private boats and a small stone building
An interior shot of our Capri boutique. A minimal aesthetic with a long stone table, garment racks spaced along the walls and subtle mirrors placed throughout
Lunch in Capri involves a plate of pasta and an Aperol Spritz while watching the boats by the water.
Five small boats have gathered in a cove with bright turquoise water and a rocky shoreline.
An evening celebration at Il Riccio’s where guests are sat along a large rectangular table with fairy lights overhead and a setting sun over the horizon.
Lara Worthington, Bella Heathcote, Ashley Hart, Jess Hart and Gemma Ward are dressed in Zimmermann and standing in front of a pastel pink building.
A pop-up bar on the shoreline, surrounded by men and women lounging by the water.
Capri, Italy – 2019
The exterior of our Capri boutique displays a muted apricot building with white finishes and blue tile detailing. A single mannequin stands in the window and two casings of accessories feature on both sides of the entrance.
A peak into a corner of our Capri boutique. Minimalist interiors entail a single vintage chair and side table, alongside light fixtures and abstract art mounted on the walls.
Where to Eat in Capri: Il Riccio - For the location, right by the sea; Da Paolino Restaurant - Try the mozzarella and lemon ravioli; Lo Smeraldo - A casual seaside lunch
The table setting for a sunset dinner. Vases of flowers run down the centre and blue and white tableware has been set at each place setting.
Where to Drink in Capri: The Lemon Kiosk - For the best granita al limone; Quisi Bar - For their famous Belini; La Fontelina - A famous Italian beach club
A long rectangular table underneath a lemon trellis has been set for lunch with wicker baskets of lemons and grapes as the centerpiece, light green crystal glasses and patterned plate settings.
The Capri Tee by Zimmermann
Faraglioni rocks scattered around the Capri coast, with white and blue umbrellas perched upon them for shade
Two long tables of guests dine at sunset at Il Riccio, a seaside restaurant, with fairy lights strung overhead and candles lit on the tables.
A table filled with citrus fruits, including lemons, oranges and limes, sits on the terrace of a villa surrounded by green foliage.
A small garden terrace with a round white table and chairs sits above the shoreline, looking down upon the boats travelling along the coast.
Simone and Nicky Zimmermann stand in a garden underneath a lemon trellis with a table set behind them.
A group of people are sat on a jetty while others on inflatable toys float next to them.
An old-school gelato stand with a striped yellow and white roof and multicoulored branding is parked in the shade of a tall tree in a garden.
Where to Explore in Capri: Monte Solaro - For the most stunning views; Explore the Town - Lose yourself on an evening stroll; The Gulf of Naples - Hire a private boat from the marina
An image of the Il Riccio Restaurant sign, complete with their logo and a painted fish, stands in front of the ocean and two native plants.
The view from aboard a sail boat displays the deep blue ocean, a large sea stack and the bright white sails and timber finishing of the bow of the boat.
A long rectangular table has been set for lunch with wicker baskets of lemons and grapes as the centerpiece, light green crystal glasses and patterned plate settings.
Xenia Adonts, Evangelie Smyrniotaki and Mimi Xu stand in a line on a cobblestone footpath dressed in Zimmermann.
Where to Shop in Capri: The Sea Gull - For one-of-a kind ceramics; Da Costanzo - Hand-made sandals, made to order; Zimmermann - Via Vittorio Emanuele 30
The view from the bow of a boat heading towards faraglioni rocks.