Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

We visit the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands for our Resort Swim 2014 shoot

A campaign image of our model lying in the shallow shore of the beach
Underneath the rocks the sun slides through the cracks and bounces off the water
Where to Explore in Virgin Gorda: Devil's Bay - National park with trails and beaches to explore
The clear water and rocky shore of Virgin Gorda
A BTS of our model and team in the ocean shooting our campaign
A campaign image of our model between large rock formations emerging from the water
An archway advertising 'Mermaid's Dockside Bar and Grill' with a walkway above the ocean
The Zimmermann team boarding a small plane on the tarmac
Our model stands on top of a rock with her hands in the air
Nicky Zimmermann holding her hat on the coastline
Nicky Zimmermann and Tamila Purvis sitting at a cafe
Virgin Gorda - British Virgin Islands
An aerial view of the reefs, bight blue water, boats and dense green island
Where to Stay in Virgin Gorda: Valley Trunk Bay - Hire a beach house in Valley Trunk Bay
Sitting poolside with a grassy patch separating the boat filled ocean from the villa
A person standing on a large rock formation on Virgin Gorda's coast
Where to Swim in Virgin Gorda: The Baths - See the scenic natural tidal pools; Spring Bay - Jump off the rocks, explore the caves; The North Sound - Take a boat, swim at the nearby islands
The small sandy beach is met by the dense forest on one side and crystal clear sea water on the other
Looking down at the turquoise reefs and clear ocean water from a small hill
Trees and rocks along the beach with a sign reading 'To Cave and Devils Bay' with an arrow pointing left
The sand, rocks, trees and sea water that make up the Virgin Gorda coast
Our model doing cartwheels on a lawn that overlooks the ocean and surrounding mountains
A behind the scenes shot of our model and team swimming in the ocean with large mountains in the background
Bright flower bushes, large cactus and tall palm trees
Amongst the shade of the trees on the sand just before the water's edge
A behind the scenes shot of our model and crew working to shoot the campaign
Clear blue water, large rock formations and surrounding mountains in the distance
Our model swims topless underwater
Sharp rocks along the shore with golden sand and crystal clear water
A small rock pool at Virgin Gorda
In the deep blue water looking back at the large rocks and tall palm trees of the coast
A sunny day at the beach in Virgin Gorda
The rocky shore of Virgin Gorda
A campaign shot of our model standing on the beach facing the water
Large rocks sit on the shoreline in the clear blue water
A dark sunset over the island
A large pool situated next to a manicured lawn and bright blue ocean
Our model dives underwater and swims adjacent to the ocean's floor
A view of the reefs and coastline from above
A picture of the Queen of England is framed and hung on the wall
A campaign image of our model standing amongst large rocks on the shoreline
In the clear sea looking back at the shoreline scattered with rock formations and palm trees