August 2020


We are committed to building a culture, both within our company and in our communities, that promotes diverse perspectives and voices. An environment that is supportive, respectful and encouraging, and values uniqueness and creativity in all its forms. As a brand and as an organisation we continue to listen, learn and take meaningful action so we may build on our diversity, providing resources and training to our talented teams in order to advance equality and inclusion. In order to hold ourselves accountable and make quantifiable changes, we will be transparent and continuously build on our communication with our teams, partners and communities.

In June we provided details around our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and our progress. Amongst other information, we outlined:

•  Our Commitments including the reinforcement of our workplace policies of zero tolerance for racism or discrimination, new and additional training for our teams globally, goals for recruitment in our offices and stores and building on the diversity of our marketing and content

•  Some of the immediate actions that we took at the time - from forming our Diversity and Inclusion Group, arranging corporate and retail training programs addressing diversity related issues across ZIMMERMANN, to fully reviewing our internal guidelines and training materials

•  Our Diversity Audit, including an optional survey across our organisation, in circumstances where information is not otherwise available in regions outside of the USA

•  A commitment to keep our organisation and community updated on our progress

If you’d like to read more please visit our June 20 Diversity and Inclusion Statement here.


As highlighted in June, we recognise that to create substantive and enduring change, we must be clearer about where we stand today. We have taken the time to review our organisation and learn more about our team to ensure that we better reflect the uniqueness of our customer and our communities in different parts of the world.

In the USA, collecting data and information regarding gender, race and ethnicity is required as part of the Equal Employment Opportunity survey and data (EEO-1 Data). At home here in Australia and in Europe, employees cannot be required to provide this information when joining our team and organisations may only compile this data in these regions by voluntary disclosure from the employee.

In order to gain more visibility beyond the USA we conducted an optional and anonymous survey in July 2020 addressing questions relating to diversity and inclusion across our brand. Of course, the demographics and make up of individual communities around the world are all unique – for example, the way the population in Australia identifies on race and ethnicity is different to the countries within Europe or in the USA. In order to shape our future efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive ZIMMERMANN, it is important for us to continue to learn more about each of the regions we operate as a company and evolve our goals for each.

The majority of our team is employed in Australia (78%) where ZIMMERMANN was founded and is based, followed by the USA (15%) and EU (7%).  In terms of organisational function, 33% of our team is employed in Corporate/Office roles and 67% in Retail/Store roles. 

A summary of the information we have collected in relation to our team is set out below.


From our most recent EEO-1 Data, our US employees identified on race and ethnicity as follows:
American Indian or Alaskan – 1%
Asian – 11%
Black or African American – 5%
Hispanic or Latinx – 15%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander – 1%
Two or More Races – 16%
White – 48% 

Our US office team comprises 20 people – 48% identified as Two or more races, 40% White, 12% Asian. There is currently no Black or African American, Hispanic or Latinx, or Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander in this team.

ZIMMERMANN in Australia and The Rest of World

Employees participated in our voluntary survey from each of our corporate offices located in Sydney (ZIMMERMANN Global HQ), New York and Paris, as well as our 38 stores across cities in Australia, USA, UK, France and Italy. In total, 48% of our employees completed this survey.

Gender: Across all regions our employees self-identified as follows:
Female – 94%
Male – 5%
Non-binary/third gender - less than 1%, Prefer Not to Say – 1% 

Race and Ethnicity: Currently the race and ethnicity mix of our employees across all regions can be summarised as follows:
BIPOC/Non-White -- 34%
White -- 66%

More specifically, our participating employees globally have self-identified as follows:
White – 66%
Asian or Pacific Islander – 15%
Multiple/Two or More Races – 9%
Latinx – 4%
Black or African American – 2%
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander – 0%
Other – 2%
Declined to Answer – 1% 

Currently our team is made up of people from over 30 nationalities.


Shows and Campaigns

We have committed to constantly review our shows, campaigns and lookbooks to ensure their diversity and that they reflect the different communities that we are a part of. Our commitment also extends to the talented partners we work with behind the scenes of these and other brand events.

The casting of our runway shows has evolved considerably over the years, as we have moved from our first presentations in Australia to the more recent years in New York. To view our most recent Runway shows and their casting, you may visit our Fall 2020 Collection Show from February 2020 and our Spring 2020 Collection Show from September 19.

Like our shows, our campaigns are an important opportunity for us to express the creative vision for our season and we continue to work to build on their diversity. To view our most recent Lookbooks and Campaigns, please visit our Resort 2021 Collection Lookbook, our Summer Swim 20 Campaign, Spring 2020 Campaign, and our Resort 2020 Campaign.

Social Media

Over the past 12 month period, BIPOC representation on our Instagram has been in excess of 25% of images featuring people. We are committed to providing more consistent BIPOC representation in our social media feeds, the content of which is commonly derived from our shows, campaigns and brand events.


Further to our corporate and retail diversity and inclusivity training commitments, our team has been active in recent months as we all seek to learn more.

Through this period we commenced new in-person training (conducted virtually due to COVID restrictions) for executives and senior managers across corporate offices and retail, covering a wide range of relevant topics. This process is a part of an ongoing and in-depth training program for these team members.

We also now have in place a new global learning management solution which shares mandatory learning content tailored to each region in our business. Every team member, whether in our stores or in our offices, will complete courses for their region that will include a range of diversity, inclusivity and workplace behaviour related topics. It will also be used for ongoing workplace and compliance training across our organisation as we continue to support the career development and progression of our people.

Regardless of role, these courses will also form part of the onboarding of every new team member joining us at ZIMMERMANN going forward.


Our D&I Group has commenced its important work. In addition to the 8 engaged leaders from our team, we have appointed 2 external members including a US based D&I consultant to help guide our diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategies. While our D&I Group leads up our actions and tracks our delivery on our Commitments, it will also create new goals and implement actions for our company over time. There is much work to do and effective change takes time, but we are committed to taking the actions necessary to create a more diverse and inclusive ZIMMERMANN.