For weekend getaways from NYC, we head to Montauk

A quiet straight road with power lines and houses alongside it
Where to Eat in Montauk: Joni’s – Grab a coffee and a breakfast wrap; Arbor – Mediterranean dining, try the moules frites; Duryea’s Lobster Deck – for the lobster rolls by the sea
Bambi Northwood Blyth stands in front of a tree with her hand on her hip, looking directly at the camera
A blue pickup truck parked on the sidewalk in front of a shingle house has a large blackboard sign in the tray advertising a Ladies Night
Montauk, United States, 2015 – By Nicky Zimmermann
Montana Cox and Romy Frydman sitting on the ground, with Romy’s arm around Montana
A behind the scenes shot of our 2009 Swim photoshoot – one man holds the bottom of a ladder while the other is stood at the top with his head in the trees
Nicky Zimmermann and Solange Knowles standing outdoors with shrubs and surfboards in the background
The front window at Joni’s has colourful hibiscus flowers and white branding
A collage of pictures from our 2009 Swim shoot in Montauk contains models wearing our swimwear and posing standing, sitting, on beaches and next to the American flag
A behind the scenes shot of our 2009 Swim shoot shows the multitude of blow up pool toys used, including palm trees and sharks
Footprints lead along the shoreline of Montauk beach and a person stands in the shallow white foam facing the horizon
The golden sunset reflects off the ocean and through the trees at an outdoor gathering. Fairy lights are wrapped around the tree and lights hang from the branches
The splash of someone jumping into the pool next to a large shingle house
An image from our 2009 Swim Campaign with two models sitting on chairs in our swimwear in front of the American flag
A white building with a brown roof on the sand at Montauk beach
A deep blue pool sits on the back deck of a shingle house with sun loungers and white chairs at its edges
Where to Swim in Montauk: I’m Australian and the Atlantic is always too cold