Milos, Greece

A Travel diary of Milos, Greece by our friend Marnie Skillings

White houses with colourful finishes line the coast of the fishing village, and a bright turquoise and white boat is berthed on a concrete dock.
A girl swimming in a shallow rock pool filled vibrant blue and green water.
Where to Swim in Milos: Sarakiniko - Sculptural cliffs perfect for cliff jumping; Tsigrado - Stunning secluded beach; Paliochori Beach - Lovely deck chairs and Sirrocco taverna
An image of Sirrocco taverna at Paliochori Beach. A small white house with a wrap around verandah and Greek flag raised. A sign in the sand reads, “Volcanic Food”, as well as four lines of Greek writing.
Coulourful houses built into the rocks of the coastline overlook the gleaming turquoise waters.
Colourful boat houses brighten the Milos streets.
Three local stones - brown, turquoise and white - being held over a body of rippled turquoise water.
Native flora lines the foreground, while the sun sets over the boats and houses around the island.
A black and white image of a large rock arch in the ocean with a divide that continues halfway down the centre.
Two large, bright yellow pots house native flora at a local restaurant.
A black and white image of the Milos coast with two strings of octopuses drying in the sun.
Where to Eat in Milos: Utopia Café - Go in the afternoon to watch the sunset; Medousa - Simple, traditional, delicious local food; Astakas - The best food on the island, in vibrant Klima
A Greek sign at Medousa Restaurant in Mandrakia, with a hand painted take of Medusa. “Simple, Traditional and Delicious”.
 Milos, Greece | 2019
The coast of Sarakiniko Beach, where the bright blue water meets the white volcanic rock which is shaped similarly to a moonscape.
Cliffs over the Sarakiniko coast face the deep blue ocean and clear sky.
Where to Explore in Milos: Mandrakia - A beautifully faded fishing village; Hire A Boat - See the cliff formations such as the Kleftiko; Klima - Incredibly vibrant with the best food on the island
White stone houses finished with bright blue, green and red balconies line the streets of Milos.
Milos Greece
Utopia Café in Milos boasts a stone floor, white interiors and furnishings, and a panoramic view of the ocean and horizon.
A single pale rock arch in the sea.
A small cove filled with fishing boats and rocky shores.
Laying under a beach umbrella facing the clear ocean.
An old Greek building with peeling cream and blue paint on the walls, doors and railings. A blue staircase ascends to the second level.
A single white table sits next to the ocean, set with plates, cutlery and glasses ready for lunch.