Our latest collaboration with The R Collective to repurpose excess fabrics

At ZIMMERMANN, finding circular recycling solutions continues to be a priority that we pursue. Over the past few years, we have worked closely with The R Collective to find solutions for excess IP-sensitive fabrics.  IP-sensitive fabrics are materials that carry distinctive prints and patterns that are typically unsuitable to reuse as-is. Excess fabrics are a resource we decided to tap into to reduce the environmental impact of the materials we use.  

Guided by The R Collective’s expertise and their trusted recycling partners, we were able to mechanically recycle excess cotton, linen and silk IP fabrics. The fabrics were shredded to their fibre state and transformed into ‘new’ yarn.  The recycled yarns were used to develop our popular eyewear cases and, more recently, our new retail staff uniforms. These uniforms are made of 50% recycled silk and 50% viscose. We look forward to continuing our work with The R Collective to recycle our excess IP textiles, to ensure we can use the resulting yarns for many collections to come.