Escape with ZIMMERMANN

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I’m in no particular hurry, as I know this day will unspool as slowly as the lyrics to this summer’s song. My morning unfolds under a peachy sky with a late breakfast, in dappled light, among the ferns. I sip my coffee and savour the moment, a million miles from the usual. Instead, there’s a pulse of excitement and with my eyes behind brightly coloured lenses, I’m drawn to the beach, anklet jingling.

I marvel at this small miracle I call Today’s Beach Spot. The sun blazes overhead, the heat gathering intensity as cicadas swoon. I throw down my summer read and run to the shore. I dive, break the surface and stop to gaze at the sky above, kicking and splashing, then finally lazing on my back. Beyond, the distant lighthouse is framed in all the blue. A dog barks and my friends shout my name from the beach.

We make each other bracelets while drinking icy-cold local wine. I ask for more bread. Life is framed differently from our table with a view. Plans for the evening are drawn on the back of a menu then we scatter to savour the afternoon hours. The shimmering heat makes the blue intensify and under the shade of an umbrella, with the perfect paperback in hand, I fall asleep.

At dusk, an outdoor shower. My back stings with salt and sun. I dab a scent on my wrist that I would never wear at home and slip into a yellow Zimmermann dress as bright as all the morning’s sunshine. As the daylight melts, we meet for funny pink drinks and admire our holiday jewellery. We had spelt our names with lettered beads and knotted the strings.

We wander to dinner, share the catch of the day and order yet another bottle of wine. Later, we are dancing by the bar near the lighthouse. We sing and shout the lyrics to this summer’s song we know we won’t remember by the time next summer comes around, then wander back under the stars with heads full of fading sunshine.

Escape with Zimmermann. Summer 2024. Exclusive to Le Bon Marché.

Inspired by the golden light, warm breeze and gentle waves of a seaside escape, Zimmermann’s exclusive installation is an oasis from the outside world. Be transported to a seaside sojourn, where textures of sand, rock and rippling water merge with digital technology for an immersive experience like no other. 

The in store environment at Le Bon Marche


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Discover a curated collection of ready-to-wear inspired by the Australian summer.


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