This December, we participated in Solidarity Xmas Tree Madrid 2022, a charity event which invites luxury brands to create a bespoke Christmas tree. The trees are auctioned off at a gala to raise funds for two charities, this year’s being Pans Y Pece Foundation and Cesal Foundation.

The Pans Y Pece Foundation delivers food and other essential items to more than 850 families in need in Madrid and the Cesal Foundation promotes social inclusion via different channels in the food sector, including providing training in hospitality to youth-at-risk and other vulnerable groups.

The charity gala took place on the 29th of November where all trees were auctioned. Overall, €321,500 was raised which is a historical figure for a charity event in Spain.


We worked with Michelle Jank to create our Peace Tree. Inspired by nature and Picasso’s sketches, the tree plays on the interior of our Madrid store, emulating the textures of the ornate ceilings and the colour palettes.

We used recycled and reworked materials to create a base consisting of repurposed steel, attaching painted magnolia branches. Birds are flying suspended from the branches, conveying a sense of lightness and peace about the luminous tree, which is lit from within.