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Efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our work environments

An update on the progress we made to honour our sustainability commitments

Our participation in the Solidarity Xmas Tree charity event, hosted in Madrid

Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in our workplaces

Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine as they defend their country

Meaningful steps to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion

Furthering our sustainability goals

Our November 2020 Diversity and Inclusion update

Our August 2020 update on our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

Working towards our 2020 goals

Our Milan store in the heart of the Quadrilatero della Moda

An ongoing journey to build a better brand

An ongoing journey to build a better brand

The first step in a long-term career at Zimmermann

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The Raie Knot Trim Bikini styled with the Triangle
1 hour ago
The Halcyon Broderie Slip Dress captured for our l
1 hour ago
The Coaster Metallic Slouch Jacket Split Pant and
1 hour ago
The Tama Corset Midi Dress and Zimmermann Coaster
1 hour ago