Life at Zimmermann


We take exceptional pride in the quality of our work at all levels and at every touchpoint.

We are creative thinkers and problem solvers – regardless of the role. We work hard as a team and we celebrate our successes as a team.

We are all unique. We respect, value and embrace each other’s strengths and differences. We are courteous and caring while still being candid.

‘If anything is worth doing, do it with your heart.’
ZIMMERMANN means too much to too many people to undertake any endeavour with anything short of passion. The energy, care and attention to detail that our team members bring to their roles every day is at the heart of our success.

Passion fruit Martini


Personal and professional growth is actively supported and encouraged, through training, development, mentoring and well-established career pathways. There are many rewarding internal opportunities, including our bespoke Online Product Training program, Manager Development Training and an Online Learning Solution to supplement our existing training initiatives with carefully selected external providers.

We are particularly proud of the career journeys of so many in our talented team as they have progressed to develop new skills and diverse experience in their chosen fields. As our organisation grows and extends its reach globally, so have the opportunities for us all to develop our careers.


The Raie Knot Trim Bikini styled with the Triangle
3 week ago
The Halcyon Broderie Slip Dress captured for our l
3 week ago
The Coaster Metallic Slouch Jacket Split Pant and
3 week ago
The Tama Corset Midi Dress and Zimmermann Coaster
3 week ago