At ZIMMERMANN, we are on an ongoing journey to build a better brand.


We are committed to building a culture, both within our company and in our communities, that promotes diverse perspectives and voices. An environment that is supportive, respectful and encouraging, and values uniqueness and creativity in all its forms. As a brand and as an organisation we continue to listen, learn and take meaningful action so we may build on our diversity, providing resources and training to our talented teams in order to advance equality and inclusion. In order to hold ourselves accountable and make quantifiable changes, we will be transparent and continuously build on our communication with our teams, partners and communities.


ZIMMERMANN has made the following commitments:

•  Reinforcing zero tolerance for racism or discrimination in our workplaces

•  Ensure diversity in recruitment across our business and ongoing work from our Diversity and Inclusion Group (see below) to lead and drive our actions

•  To continue to implement additional training for all our teams – corporate and retail – to build the culture of diversity and inclusion we strive for

•  Ensure we have constant diverse representation in our campaigns and shows – both behind the scenes and on the runway

•  To form meaningful partnerships in our communities to support, amongst other goals, greater participation in our industry.

•  Encourage our partners to make similar commitments and be active in the conversation about how brands can be a force for change


At ZIMMERMANN, we established a Diversity and Inclusion Group to help lead and drive our diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategies. While this group of engaged leaders heads up our actions and tracks our delivery on our Commitments, it is an ongoing goal of our D&I Group to continually review and add to our commitments and find meaningful new ways that we may build on our goals to create a more equitable organisation.

We know that our ongoing efforts require transparency in order to achieve change. As our D&I Group continues its work, we will continue to provide updates here in the Careers section of ZIMMERMANN.COM on our progress and the initiatives we are implementing as a company. There is much work to do and effective change takes time, but we are committed to taking the actions necessary to create a more diverse and inclusive ZIMMERMANN.

Read the latest Diversity and Inclusion Update here.