Cabarita Beach

Discover the sleepy North Coast of New South Wales at Cabarita Beach

The sun peaks through the trees as it rises over a small staircase and native plants
A bright white exterior wall at the hotel with deep blue “Halcyon House” branding
Where to Swim at Cabarita Beach:  Cabarita Beach - A quiet Mid North Coast retreat; Brunswick Heads - A family-friendly place to swim; The Pass - Swim or surf for a day at Byron Bay
The entrance to Cabarita beach – a descending staircase, palm trees and native fauna line the border between sand and grass
Cabarita, Australia 2019
A black and white image of the ocean with the horizon in the distance
The blue waters of Byron Bay filled with surfers on a bright, sunny day
The bright blue pool at Halcyon House is invitational with its bordering sun loungers and umbrellas
Where to Explore at Cabarita Beach: Byron Bay - For a day at the beach or discover the hinterland
Groups walk along the sand and watch the dreamy summer sunset over the expansive beach
Lounging by the pool at Halcyon House with a view of lush green grass, striped sun loungers and large tropical trees
Where to Stay at Cabarita Beach: Halcyon House - For a tranquil summer escape
A rock formation on the sand that has been spray painted with “Locals Only”
A view of a beach at Byron Bay from the coastal lighthouse walk