Big Sur, California by Sophie Lee

We take on Big Sur, California with Writer and Actress Sophie Lee

Golden hour lighting up a grassy hill, tall shrubs and the golden blue horizon
Tall, skinny palm trees stand outside the grand, white stone exterior of Heart Castle
A road sign for South Route 101 and the sun setting behind tall palm trees
A girl rides her bike on a narrow bitumen road that leads through dense natural plantations at golden hour
A tall tree stands diagonally in front of the calm ocean while the sunset lights the horizon a light yellow
Big Sur, California – By Sophie Lee
A sand and pebble beach on a cloudy day
Watching the sun light up the sky and sea in hues of gold and orange as it sets over the horizon
A large body of water it surrounded by grass, trees and large mountains
A rocky shore and whitewashed water sits underneath a hazy cloud
The golden sunset over the ocean forms silhouettes of the plants along the mountain
A path through green and orange grass leads to the moody blue ocean with storm clouds overhead
A red jeep is parked in the clouds on a mountain with green grass and yellow flowers
The seaside road at Santa Barbara contains traffic, tall palms and a sign for Route 101
Looking off a cliff into the deep blue water with whitewashed foam along large rocks
Where to explore in Big Sur: Mcway Falls – Waterfalls on the beach; Pebble Beach – Explore the scenic coastline; Hearst Castle – A national historic landmark
A waterfront street with large buildings and walkways lining the coastline
Golden hour where the sea meets the base of the mountains
The sun setting over the ocean behind Sophie Lee, who is smiling at the camera